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Stock & Bond Market got you down?   Bank CDs paying close to nothing?  Real Estate Market at a low?

What should an Investor do?
Invest in the Movies!

If you have ever dreamed of owning a part of the motion picture industry, Dalmingo LLC (DLLC) can make it easy.

Our company, DLLC, holds the copyright to intellectual properties and is a production group associated with celebrities, credited Disney and Warner Brothers writers and state of the art animators. 

When complete, currently held family entertainment film projects will play in theatres to audiences worldwide.
Dalmingo LLC is currently inviting private investors to share in the opportunity to invest in film and multi-media projects capable of substantial returns. 

If you have ever considered an investment in the publishing or movie business, please read on for one of the soundest opportunities you will find.

It is the goal of DLLC to develop scripts and package intellectual properties, based on published works, by engaging directors, actors, writers and a distribution strategy. DLLC will finance packaging of film and audio visual projects through a small group of select private investors instead of depending on lengthy production schedules and the bureaucracy and costly pricing of any high profile studio. Join the FILM MAKERS.  For information call 239 272 6988.

Join an exciting new children’s production.
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